Essay on Theme Analysis of Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

Essay on Theme Analysis of Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

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The major disputation in the story Anna in the tropics is describes the life and situations of a Cuban-Americans working in a cigar factory. The owners and employees of the factory, spend time enjoying and memory of their native Cuba, and discussing fine article. Among the themes of the play are: tradition vs. change; male perspective vs. female perspective; nature; literature; acting; and, of course, love. The title of the play alludes to its tragic outcome: the Anna of the title refers to Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina where the romantic triangle of the classic Russian novel and the tragic ending of the adulterous affair reappear in Anna in the Tropics.
At the beginning of the story I have learned about Cheche the half-brother of the cigar factory owner, who wants to take away with the position of lector in the factory and introduce machinery into the hand-rolled cigar industry. Cheche has an engagement with Juan Julian, a newly arrived lector who is considered one of the best lectors of the area. Cheche once said “ working here is like hitting my head against a wall…I try to make changes..but its like facing a wall of concrete every time I try to do something”.The lector was place in the factories to read story, newspapers for the workers while their were working. People claim that Juan its like hearing a bird sing when he reads. Ofelia, Santiago's wife and Marela and Conchita's mother, is responsible for bringing Juan Julian to Ybor City from Cuba, since she paid for his fare with her husband's money. She does not Believe in restoring the factory, like Juan Julian, which leads to some contention between herself and Cheche. Juan Julian is a man who puts confidence in the corrective power of personality and he warns of...

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...uan Julian that was his own fault he did not give his wife enough affection that she needs, so she cheating on Palomo with Juan Julian . No matter of the reason, life continues to move forward.

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