Theft at Our School: Against Our School's Core Values Essay

Theft at Our School: Against Our School's Core Values Essay

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“Theft is like a piece of glass, it starts out as a small crack then grows into something much larger.” Proctor believes there is something special in holding relationships sacred. Our school’s core values are based on trust, respect, compassion, responsibility and honesty. However theft at Proctor seems to be the elephant in the room. Proctor isn’t just any school, we are different; however can we beat this virus that plagues our community?
“ The action, or crime of stealing” is the Webster definition of theft, however as students the term stealing becomes shaky. “stealing is taking something that doesn’t belong to you and never returning that item.” says Jasmine, a sophomore. Knowing the dictionary definition, and a students' definition of stealing. A large amount of the student population has had something taken whether the object is large or small, why does it still occur? The act of stealing means there is a lack of compassion and respect in the community, because the feelings of the victim is being ignored when an item is purposely taken. Swayze brings the issue into ...

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