Theater in the 1920s Essay

Theater in the 1920s Essay

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In the 1920's, the theater was considered the scene of a " 'curious conflict' between realism and a freer form of theatricality". (MacGowen, viii) There were many famous playwrights of the era. Among these were Thornton Wilder and, probably the most prominent playwright, Eugene O'Neill. These two authors used many of the same themes in their writing; romanticism was a popular one. However, they each also used themes and styles of writing that set them apart from other writers.

The values that were promoted in the works of Thornton Wilder included those of Christian morality, the community, the family, and the "appreciation of everyday pleasures". ("Wilder", Discovering Authors) Wilder was more of a realist than a romantic, though in his writings "emotions run deeper than wild", a romantic quality. (Grebanier, 5) His plays were meant to bring fresh life and meaning to the "terms of the spiritual life". (Burbank, 21) Some other themes include faith, love, humility, sacrafice, and the role and responsibility of the artist in society. (Burbank, 22)

Eugene O'Neill's plays consistent...

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