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Theater During the Elizabethan Era Essay examples

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The term Elizabethan refers to the period when Queen Elizabeth the First ruled England. Historians also called it the Golden age, a time in history where England was at its best economically, and more expansive than it’s been for about a thousand years. This era is best known for the blossoming of its theatre, music and poetry. William Shakespeare became one the most sought after playwrights during the ruling of Elizabeth the I. But first came Christopher Marlowe then Ben Johnson. There were many others whose works that are not as well-known as Shakespeare but deserve recognition. Some of them were “Thomas Kyd, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher, George Chapman, and John Ford” (p. 25 Shakespeare handbook) some of the names mentioned in this book.
The first theatre was head up by an actor named James Burbage in 1576 and it was simply called just the “Theatre”. As the “Theatre” became more and more popular others began building their own space for performances first came the Rose in 1587, the Swan in 1595, the Globe in 1599 and the Hope in 1605. The Globe theater is the most famous Elizabethan theatre and synonymous with William Shakespeare. The Globe was built in 1599 and it was the theatre for the Lord’s Chamberlain’s men which included actor James Burbage and William Shakespeare as shareholders. The Globe was a round 20 sided massive open air space held about 3,000 people, 3 floors of seats. At the base of the stage was the “pit”, that was where the “groundlings” stood to watch the performances. It’s what we refer to as the cheap seats now. The stage was rectangular also called an “apron stage” thrust out in the middle of an open yard. There was also a trap door where the actors and exited. The Globe was about 40 feet (12 meters) ...

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...Tamburlaine about the city treasury. Tamburlaine has him hung from the city walls. He takes the rest of the city’s population and ties them up and throw them in a nearby lake. Then he takes the Qur’an and burns it and declares himself the greater god. In the last act Timberline is taken ill but still manages to defeat one more enemy before his death. He tells his remaining sons to take over the rest of the earth on his deathbed.
This play’s was linked to Renaissance Humanism meaning spoke of man potential to arise to great power. Tamburlaine the great was among the first English plays introducing blank verse. Marlowe went on to write other plays dealing with controversial themes. Those included The Jew of Malta, Doctor Faustus, Edward the Second and the Massacre of Paris. Marlowe’s works holds a great place in history, his life was cut short at the age of 29.

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