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The book, The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman draws attention to some very good points concerning globalization and the world economy today. Friedman emphasizes the status of America today in relation to the other countries of the world. As I looked at the things in which he warned about or highlighted, I realized the importance of this issue. He talks about a few aspects in which need to be kept competitive in order for America to retain their current standing in the world market.

First of all, Friedman talks about the different levels of globalization. There are 3 different time periods in which the society has differed and changed, bringing us to where we are today. Globalization 1.0, which took place from 1492 to 1800, was the first step to making the world flatter. The coming to America, and the industrial drive that came along with this is what most characterized globalization 1.0. The industry drive was about things such as manpower and horsepower, and how well we could utilize these in the world market. This caused the world to “shrink” a little bit, and become flatter. With the discovery of a new world, it broadened the area in which business was conducted, but the commonality of rule and trade caused the distance to be spanned more frequently. I think Friedman’s notions regarding globalization 1.0 is very accurate. The world in our terms began in 1492 with the discovery of North America. Once the area began to be inhabited and settled, there was much more worldwide interaction. Communications and trade between the American colonies and England increased, and this began a more stable business of worldwide association. I believe that Friedman’s theory is true, because the discovery of a land across the ocean for th...

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...prevent this. This can be done through increasing importance on aspects such as the arts, or things that cannot be reproduced by computers or technology. Friedman stresses the importance of fine-tuning right-brained activities and applications. Also, a passion for what one is doing and having good people skills can greatly increase one’s desirability.
Friedman’s theories have actually caused me to think a little bit differently about how the world job market is evolving. He seemed to make very valid points about being culturally and internationally aware, and the stressing the importance of keeping up with the level of expectation today. Through being introduced to these important issues, I feel as if I can be more aware and competitive as I live in a flatter world.

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Friedman, Thomas L. (1996). The world is flat. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

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