The Weimaraner: a Superior Breed Essay

The Weimaraner: a Superior Breed Essay

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When choosing a dog, I would choose a Weimaraner because they are some of the most playful, intelligent, athletic, beautiful, and loyal dogs that exist. Personality is one of the greatest aspects of these kinds of dogs. They are playful, smart, loving, and affectionate. Weimaraners have very strong and individual personalities of their own. These kinds of dogs are so smart and special that they have personalities and intelligence that may rival that of human beings. They need to be treated as a member of their people and family. The dog's athletic prowess is apparent in their genetic makeup. Their great physical structure is designed through their breeding for the purpose of being the very best gun dog. The Weimaraner's beautiful and shiny coat, tall stature in the best individuals of the breed, and their lean, strong, and sometimes almost wiry appearance indicates all of the breed’s superior athletic ability. Weimaraners are strong, fast, and excellent jumpers. Their intelligence enables the dogs to use their physical gifts better than other dogs whose physical abilities may approach or rival the Weimaraner's. These special dogs also have a need for constant human companionship. They are loyal to their people and are a fun loving breed which can be mischievous. That makes it fun and challenging for anyone who is able to provide the needs of the Weimaraner in order to be its life long partner or companion. The dog requires a variety of admirable qualities in a person to lead them correctly, and one must be physically fit to keep up with the dog and provide all of its needs, which includes giving the dog lots of walks and exercise. Weimaraners need a fenced yard with a tall fence they cannot dig under. They need to sleep i...

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...o keep fit, these are the perfect dogs. Their excellent physical structure built for speed and enduring beauty makes them a perfect companion that keeps going persistently. Getting kisses from such a cute face with those long ears is endearing. The Weims’ loyalty and protectiveness make the leaders of these dogs feel special too. Their advanced learning skills and natural qualities bred for the hunt make them a pleasure to owners who want the best of all things from a large dog. Learning new things with the dog keeps the relationship between the dog and its leader full of growth and also keeps the relationship interesting. Weimaraners are perfect for young people who are looking for a new addition to their family that the leader can love and teach. Weimaraners are a great reward in themselves for all of the love and happiness they give to their people and family.

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