The Underground Railroad: Escaping Slavery

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The Underground Railroad was what many slaves used to escape slavery. It was not an actual railroad, although it could easily be compared to one. It was a route, with safe houses and many other hiding spots for the slaves to use. The paths had conductors telling you where to go and people who would drive you to the next safe house. You had to be quick, you had to be strong, and you had to be very courageous. The Underground Railroad led all the way to Canada. There were many people helping the slaves, and even more people that were opposing them. It was no easy task. Many slaves died of sickness or natural causes, gave up and returned back to the plantation, or were caught and either killed or brought back. It was a rough journey but a good number of slaves prevailed and escaped to liberty, which in this time was not America. The Underground Railroad focused around the time of 1820 to 1865. It took place in most of the southern states of America including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, etc… Most slaves worked on big plantations and were classified as property not people. The slaves worked hours and hours each day of their life. There was no pay and no respect for most of the slaves. The Underground Railroad was not an actual railroad, but it was like a railroad in many ways. There were specific routes you had to follow to get to your next destination, and conductors. Eventually the slaves would fail on escaping, or they would make it to what was sometimes called the promise land, “Canada”. Even though the North was slavery free, a black person could not run to New York and be safe. This was because by 1640 the courts gave a law that made it so slave owners still had a right to their property. There were st... ... middle of paper ... ...bounty hunters, bad weather, sickness, and fatal injuries. The Underground Railroad was no walk in the park. It was dangerous and many slaves didn’t make it to Canada. It is hard to imagine that someone would be against equality for someone of a different colored skin. Thanks to the Underground Railroad, many slaves escaped. The people of America have abolished racial slavery in America but there is still some injustice. Even though we still are not utopian we have improved. We should thank the heroes who helped abolish slavery like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, William Still, the Coffins, Garrett Thomas, and many others. Hopefully we never have any more injustices to that magnitude in America ever again. America wasn’t a free place for everyone back in the times of slavery, but now thanks to people who stand up for what they believe in everyone is free!
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