Essay on The, The Undercover Parent, By Harlan Coben

Essay on The, The Undercover Parent, By Harlan Coben

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In Harlan Coben 's, The Undercover Parent, Coben claims that it is okay to install spyware in children’s technological devices. He says this because it can prevent children from, “gambling away their entire life savings", or from cyberbullying others “until the point they committed suicide", or even from the situation where there was a “young boy unknowingly conversing with a pedophile” (Coben 66). However, I believe parents do not need spyware to prevent these things from happening. A parent’s job is to be aware of how their children are using technology to inform them of all the dangers that may waiting and to set rules or boundaries.
When children or teenagers are using computers, tablets, and cell phones parents should monitor them. They should constantly be aware of their children’s actions, which is more effective than using spyware. Parents should be asking them questions, such as, “Where will you be?” “Who will you be with?” and “When will you be home?” Parents can also check on them by phone, get to know their friends and friend’s parents, and talk with their children about...

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