The True Story of Christopher Columbus Essay

The True Story of Christopher Columbus Essay

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He discovered the Americas. He started the first colony in the new world. He thought he was in Asia. Who is this brave explorer? Christopher Columbus. Smart and Wise Christopher Columbus was during his voyages. Christopher Columbus’s birth date is unknown but believed to be between August 25 and October 31, 1451 in Genoa, Italy (Columbus, “Early Years of Boyhood” par 1-3). His parents were Domenico Columbo and Susanna Fontanarossa (“Christopher Columbus Biography and Life Story” par 1). Christopher Was the oldest of five (Columbus, “Early Years of Boyhood” par 1-3). His brothers were Bartolomew, Giovanni, Pelligrino, and Giacomo (“Christopher Columbus Biography and Life Story” par 1). His fauther was a wool weaver who had Christopher help him. Later Christopher got a job of sailing on trade ships to Asia (“Christopher Columbus” par 1-4). Christopher as a boy always wanted to sail. He decided to find a shorter way to travel to Asia. Doing this he would become wealthy, spread the word of Christ, and to become famous (“Christopher Columbus” par 1-4). He sent Bartolomew to try to get support from England and Spain to allow the voyage but, they were denied. Then when Spain defeated Granada in 1492, Luis de Sontangel who was a royal treasurer convinced Queen Isabella that she was missing a great opportunity. Finally in April of 1492 Christopher Columbus received royal approval for the voyage (Columbus, “Success in Spain” par 1). Then on May 20, 1506 Christopher Columbus died (“The Journal of the Admiral of the Ocean Sea”, November 7, 1504 par 2). Besides all of the waiting for royal permission Christopher made some great discoveries. On Christopher’s first voyage he was sailing for King Ferdinand II and Queen Isab...

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... He had really no impact on the world then because nobody knew he had discovered a new continent (“Christopher Columbus Biography” par 4). People have tried to search for the shipwrecks of Capitana and San Juan but have had no luck (Columbus’s lost ships, “The Capitana and San Juan 1503-1504”). Christopher did make a sacrifice of leaving 40 men behind to start a colony, but all those ended up being killed by Indians (“Christopher Columbus Second Voyage”) par 3). The discovery led to an age of exploration and conquering. It always showed that the world was a lot bigger than everyone thought (Levinson 99-100). After a decade passed after the death of Christopher Columbus the whole coast from Honduras to Prenambuco had been mapped (“Christopher Columbus and The Spanish Empire” par 15). So Columbus really made a important discovery but never lived to know it.

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