Essay on The Tribulation, The Rapture Views

Essay on The Tribulation, The Rapture Views

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The tribulation is an eschatological event where the wrath of God will be poured out upon the earth. The Bible, in many areas, describes what the tribulation will bring. Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew, told His disciples that at the end of the age, “there will be wars and rumors of war, nations will rise against nations, and famines and earthquakes will happen in various places” (Matt. 24:6-7). In Revelation, the seven bowls of wrath from God will be poured out on all the people. Those on earth will have to suffer through painful afflictions (Rev. 16:2), the seas turning to blood (Rev. 16:3), and earthquakes destroying cities (Rev. 16:18). These traumatic events show how great the suffering will be in the tribulation, near the time of the Lord’s second coming. This great suffering will be brought upon those who have not sought God for repentance for their sin (Rev. 16:10). However, will God allow those who have been faithful to Him suffer through these terrible events, or will He save them from the tribulation? There are three main views scholars hold and they deal with the role Christians will have in the tribulation. Pretribulationism, Midtribulationism, and Posttribulationism each show when the church will be raptured from the earth. Some Factors that contribute to each of these views are the immanence of Christ, the nature of judgments brought upon the earth, and the textual evidence for church’s presence in the tribulation. The focus of the paper will be to examine each view, highlight the aspects of each, and then conclude which view best aligns with scripture and is the most preferred out of the three.
Pretribulationism is the rapture view that is defined as, “A belief which teaches that Christ will come to r...

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...know, in Midtribulationism, that the Lord will return for them at the halfway point of the tribulation. This ability to date Christ’s return removes the doctrine of immanency within this tribulation view. Immanency has the characteristic of being unable to date or expect Christ’s return. Within Midtribulationism and Posttribulationism, there are moments, like the beginning of the tribulation provide a point of reference where time can be measured in determining when the event of Christ’s return will take place. A Midtribulationist would argue that Pretribulationists provide the possibility of dating Christ’s second coming by measuring seven years beyond the rapture of the Church. A Midtribulationist would see the first 3 ½ years of the tribulation as subtle compared to the second half where God’s wrath will be apparent due to the events that will take place.

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