The Traits of Heathclif in Wuthering Heights Essay

The Traits of Heathclif in Wuthering Heights Essay

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In Emily Brontë's book, Wuthering Heights, we, the reader, are introduced to a group of interesting characters. The antiheroic main character, Heathcliff, is a complex character with many distinguishing traits. Heathcliff acts upon his feelings and creates quite a reputation for himself. Heathcliff is full of vengeance, nonetheless, he is very loving.
Heathcliff's vengeance is shown and proven throughout the book. Even as a child Heathcliff would say things such as, "I'm trying to settle how I shall pay-back. I don't care how long I wait, if I can only do it, at last. I hope he will not die before I do?No, God won?t have the satisfaction that I shall?I only wish I knew the best way! Let me alone, and I?ll plan it out: while I?m thinking?? (Brontë 55-56) This, as we, the reader, later see come to pass. After being rejected by the love of his life, Catherine, Heathcliff has no choice but to find another partner. Heathcliff is not mad at Catherine for marrying someone else, but instead her motive why. Catherine tells Nelly Dean, the housekeeper, that it would be disgraceful to herself if she was to marry Heathcliff. Catherine says it would be shameful because Heathcliff is more poverty-stricken and deprived of many this she wants. (Brontë 75) Heathcliff runs away after hearing this, only to return months later more gentleman-like. Catherine?s sister-in-law, Isabella, falls in love with Heathcliff after his return and Heathcliff realizes this. Heathcliff is an opportunist, so he marries Isabella intentionally, knowing Catherine would become jealous. This is the one of the first greatest example of revenge. A second example of how Heathcliff sought revenge on others, has to do with his stepbrother, Hindley. Heathcliff wan...

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...ion of tears. ?Come in! Come in!? he sobbed. ?Cathy, do come in. Oh,-- once more! Oh! my heart?s darling, hear me this time-- Catherine, at last.?? (Brontë 25) Although, Heathcliff has a son, was married, and twenty years have passed after her death Heathcliff is still passionate about his love for Catherine. This shows that Heathcliff is truly loving because even after twenty years, he is still true to Catherine and still wants a chance to show her his sincere love for her.
Even though Heathcliff has his negative sides which got the best of him very often, he was also very devoted and caring. The different aspects of Heathcliff make his a truly unique, complex, and interesting character. Heathcliff?s contradictory traits make him an individual who?s is worth the time to look at. Both sides of Heathcliff are shown throughout the book, and make him who he is.

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