Essay on The Thrilling Fifth Album from the Arctic Monkeys

Essay on The Thrilling Fifth Album from the Arctic Monkeys

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It’ s almost been a decade since the start of their career, and the Arctic Monkeys have aged gracefully into their talentedly world-weary image with an established album ‘AM’. For a band whose lyrics in the early days were jam-packed with mischievous and sassy one-liners, we all wondered whether the Arctic Monkeys actually enjoyed being in a band, or if they were just socially awkward and not used to the fame with their hair covering their face and the really baggy brown hoodies that seemed about twice their size. At times, they also seemed very doubtful of their own fame, whilst their last two albums seemed to be not loved but taken very seriously.
The Arctic Monkey’s fifth album ‘AM’ is by no doubt the most outstanding album of their career. It manages to connect to all the different directions – the melancholy pop of ‘suck it and see’ and the powerful melodies of ‘Humbug’, with their rising energy and sense of excitement that boosted their initial tracks. From this point, the Arctic Monkeys can sound however they like, do whatever they want and will always be known as the Arctic Monkeys and just the Arctic Monkeys. But that’s all for another time during their ridiculously optimistic future so for now let us just celebrate this album for what it is, 42 minutes of pure perfection.
‘AM’ is so good that it may as well be the greatest album of the last decade. It’s the work of a band that is still continuing to grow. They’re learning, they’re experimenting and they’re perfecting. They won’t look back at this album and say that it was their career’s highest point, (as we can expect far more albums just like this, or even better), but they will look back to the moment when they will be no longer defined by their genre. No longer kn...

... middle of paper ... the impression that he has moved on from telling stories of sleazy nightlife, to songs that more self-lacerating, with a sound that is so relevant to the subject matter, something the Arctic Monkeys have always been good at, sharing each and every one of their member’s talents, to make something spectacular.
‘AM’ goes beyond all the sweaty nightclubs and flirting, that the previous Arctic Monkeys albums have implied. It’s clearly a turn of direction for the band, instead they talk about scruffy hotel rooms, after parties and the bad decisions that can follow up from there. Like I said before, it’s the work of a band that’s growing rapidly but still experimenting with the marvellous talents that they have. And so they created their own artists who can do whatever it is they want, because by no doubt we all definitely know ‘Who The F**** Are The Arctic Monkeys.’’

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