The Thigh Gap Epidemic Essay

The Thigh Gap Epidemic Essay

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Beyoncé Knowles- Carter is an aspiring artist in the music industry and a major role model for young women of all ages. However, on April 10th of 2014 commenters online slammed the thirty-two year old singer regarding her photoshopped thigh gap in a vacation snap of herself playing golf in the Dominican Republic (see fig. 1) (Dodge).

Fig.1. Beyoncé photoshops thigh gap

Beyoncé was also accused of using a clone stamp tool to make her thighs appear thinner). After this heating controversy there is no saying if this singer will be able to retain her Queen Bee status. A thigh gap is identified as a gap that becomes evident between a woman's inner thighs when she stands with her feet together. If you haven't heard of it, it’s probably because it doesn't exist in the majority of the population. The infamous thigh gap has been a growing obsession among young girls over the past decade; a bodily phenomenon that has been constantly flaunted by supermodels have brainwashed teenage girls into feeling the need to achieve this thigh gap. Through snapshots on Instagram and Image posts on Tumblr and various social media, the desire for the thigh gap has become a phenomenon.

Fig. 2. Painting of a Renaissance Woman.

Women weren’t always striving for a thin physique. In fact, women were once admired for their natural, God-given bodies. For Instance, during the Renaissance era (1400s- early 16th century) the more voluptuous a woman’s body was, the more she was desired (Kuchinsky). Painting...

... middle of paper ...

...d over to the states as more young women strive to achieve thinner physiques.

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