The Strengths and Weaknesses of International Law Essay

The Strengths and Weaknesses of International Law Essay

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Even after decades of relatively established pattern for the relations between the states there is still an ambiguity on the issue of state sovereignty. To which extent its’ violation could be justified? In the study of International Relations there are two major perspectives on the legitimacy of such actions, they are: liberal and realist. Whilst former advocates for this measures when the state itself violates human rights of the citizens and extended intervention is required (Kegley, 259), latter claims that the state sovereignty is the central assumption of this theoretical framework (Kegley, 28) and the actions that might infringe it are not legitimate. 2011 military intervention in Libya, intended to cease Gaddafi’s regime (UNSC), can demonstrate both of these perspectives. Moreover, it particularly highlights the presence of peacemaking actors’ responsibility to protect the human rights of civilians. Nevertheless, both realist and liberal perspectives include the legitimacy of violation of the state sovereignty and at the same time reveal illegitimacy of this issue.
The liberal theory emphasises the importance of non-state actors such as the political institutions, Nongovernmental Organisations (NGOs), Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs) in world politics decision-making. All of them should act according to the public international law which regulates the government-to-government relationships (Kegley, 400). Thus, when Libyan government started to suppress the riots and demonstrations of civilian population by the military means the international community became cautious about the outcomes of such policies (UNSC). Moreover, when the government failed to respond for the calls to stop the violence, the response of the Un...

... middle of paper ... of international law’s efficiency.

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