Essay on The 21st Century School Librarian

Essay on The 21st Century School Librarian

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The 21st Century school librarian is no longer just the caretaker of the book collection. Technology is transforming the education system and the way children are taught. This
paper discusses the many roles and issues that the teacher-librarian plays in creating a flexible 21st Century learning environment.
21ST Century School Library Media Specialist
The roles discussed in the articles written by school librarians Mashriqi (2011), Ballard (2008), and Marcoux (2010) were similar in strategies needed for running an effective media center today. The common theme was the importance in being able to evaluate what will help the school meet the needs of todays learners and to connect the curriculum with “hands-on” learning experiences. By demonstrating knowledge and current technological skills the media specialist connects the library with teachers, students, administration and parents with information and resources to promote literacy. Technology integration is accomplished by using resources that reflect content standards. To focus on the relationship between education technology and student learning engaging games is one way to achieve the goals with positive results.
Digital Tools
Todays’ school library media specialist applies trends related to the use of technology in education to support integration throughout the curriculum. Being literate in the 21st Century involves teaching both “traditional” literacy and how to read and produce the kinds of texts typical of the emerging information and multimedia age. Benthem (2010) points out that to have an effective school library program it needs to be an ongoing work in progress. Literacy development does impact student learning through the use of digital technologies, includ...

... middle of paper ...

...pport emergent literacy skill development for young children at-risk or
who have disabilities. Early Childhood Education Journal, 36(3), 233-239.

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Improve Learning, 53(6), 66-75.

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questions at your library. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 51(1), 9-11.

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