Essay on The Spanish Inquisition

Essay on The Spanish Inquisition

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The Spanish Inquisition was the longest and most ruthless inquiry of faith of
all time. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and all non-Catholic religions were
besieged by persecution from the Spanish government. Although it was not
intended, thousands of innocent Spaniards were tortured and killed once the king
and queen of Spain established the Inquisition.
An Inquisition is a very complex process, and at first, seemed innocuous.
Inquisitions were designated to be a series of tribunals (courts) held to push non-
Catholics to repent and turn to Catholicism. Catholic leaders regarded their faith
as a superior religion, and desired for everyone to become Catholic and establish
one homogeneous belief (Bachrach 10). The holy office, which is also known as the
Papacy, was the highest authority over Catholic countries. In order for an
Inquisition to be issued the Holy Office, or the Pope, must grant permission
(Bachrach 12). The Papacy instituted Inquisition in certain countries to counter any
threat against Catholicism. An Inquisition was initially intended to prevent civil
disruption, social corruption, and bloodshed (Bachrach 12). This, however, was not
the case. The Church began to empower government officials called Inquisitors to
essentially hunt down “unbelievers” and quietly question them about their faith
(Bachrach 12). Nearly all of the questioned citizens would refuse to co-operate.
This infuriated the Inquisitors and the Holy Office, and harsh punishments
gradually increased. These despicable Inquisitions originally began circa 1200 A.D.
and different Inquisitions continued until nearly 1850 A.D. (Bachrach 13). The
Spanish Inquisition, the cruelest of all, seemed an innocent way to con...

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... to the pulley, until their limbs became disjointed. Horrifyingly,
many died during this procedure. As for imprisonment, if even one word was
uttered against the Catholic Church, a man could be imprisoned anywhere from 4 to
20 years (Coffin 84). The numbers of those slain are astounding. Over 10,200
innocent people were burned at the stake, while another 6,800 perished in prison.
Countless others died during torture (Coffin 95). Nearly 100,000 civilians had their
property confiscated and civil rights revoked as greedy Catholic Inquisitors looted
homes (Coffin 95). Practically all of those who were slaughtered were Jewish
(Coffin 95). As the Inquisition spiraled out of control, thousands of Jews fled to
nearby countries to avoid the massacre. The Spanish Inquisition was most
definitely more violent and cruel than any other Inquisition.

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