Essay `` The Soul Survives And Functions After Death ``

Essay `` The Soul Survives And Functions After Death ``

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What if I told you that you’d be able to relive the fondest moments of your life as many times as you want in a dream world reality, would you believe me? This may seem far-fetched for some people, but if you take the time to read "The Soul Survives and Functions After Death” by H.H. Price, you’ll start to question your own beliefs about your soul and where it goes once death strikes. Price questions the nature of souls once the inevitable happens and states that the soul goes to another world, a Next World. The idea of the dream world I previously mentioned will make you question your very own beliefs about where your soul will go once life’s inevitable happens to you. So, is Price’s afterlife theory of the Next World really something to give some more thought into? I believe it’s a plausible theory to keep an open mind to.
“The Next World, I think, might be conceived as a kind of dream-world. When we are asleep, sensory stimuli are cut off, or, at any rate, are prevented from having their normal effects upon our brain centers. But we still manage to have experiences (Price, 501). In this statement by Price, he is describing how powerful our dreams have on our daily life. The dream world that he is proclaiming to be our afterlife does not follow the basic laws of physics, just like the ones we wake up to do not. In Price’s afterlife theory of where the soul goes once the physical body ends, there is no sense of the physical nature of the body. Yet with his theory, we would experience just the same as if it was still intact. That being said, he’s claiming that the soul goes to a parallel world to the experiences we have while we are dreaming. In addition to that, he claims that each person will experience a world of thei...

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... experiences without the duration of the memories of travel. To put this argument into easier to understand terms, think of it this way: If in our physical lifetime, you and I have both traveled to the warm sandy shores of Hawaii, given we don’t know each other and traveled there at different times, we both would be able to use telepathy recreate the memories that we commonly share while we are in the state of the Next World. However, if only one of us had that given experience, then we wouldn’t be able to experience that together in Price’s dream world afterlife theory. With his reasoning, I have come to the conclusion that the dream world is an afterlife for some beliefs, heaven is an afterlife to others, therefore, Price’s dream world afterlife is like heaven to a Christian. Neither one has been proven real, therefore, Price’s argument stands to be plausible.

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