Essay about The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Essay about The Six Dimensions of Wellness

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Physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, and environmental wellness are all considered the six dimensions of wellness with occupational wellness being the possible seventh. But what are these exactly? And how do they apply to me and my health and wellness?
The first of the six dimensions is physical wellness, which is your body’s overall wellness. This includes the absence of illness and disease and your body’s fitness level. You have to make good, healthy choices to be physically well. Eating healthy, exercising, and seeing a doctor on a regular basis for check-ups are all conducive to physical wellness. Some good examples of people who have achieved physical wellness are; Lance Armstrong and the Venus and Serena Williams.
The second dimension of wellness is emotional wellness, which has a lot to do with you ability to recognize your own thoughts and feelings and deal with them in a healthy way. There are a lot of ways to do this, such as: understanding and sharing your thoughts and feelings with yourself and those around you, and being confident in your self and the decisions you make. Some well known people who I believe have attained emotional wellness include Ellen DeGeneres and Doctor Phil.
The third dimension of wellness is intellectual wellness. A person who has achieved intellectual wellness has a good sense of humor, and is creative. They would always be challenging their minds by learning new skills or information throughout their life. A few good examples of people who are intellectually well are: Aristotle, Thomas Edison and, of course, Albert Einstein.
The fourth dimension is interpersonal wellness. It is defined by a person’s relationships. A person who has good commun...

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...ellness. But as an adult who is capable of making my own choices, I have found that I admire my older sister for her new-found dedication to improving her intellectual and occupational wellness by returning to school. I also have found new admiration for my mother for discovering a way to find her own emotional, spiritual, and environmental wellness.
I hope to be able to instill these values in my son as he grows up to make his own choices. In choosing to return to school after eleven years I hope to improve my own: intellectual wellness by challenging my mind, my emotional wellness by bettering myself, and interpersonal wellness by improving my relationships with the people closest to me. The support from my family and friends has been invaluable in my returning to school. I feel that by making these positive changes I am setting a good example for my son.

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