The Sights of Human Nature Essay

The Sights of Human Nature Essay

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Ukind heart

“Human nature cannot turn back. Once man has left the time of innocence and equality, he can never return to it.” (Rousseau as quoted in Franklin). But was humanity ever guiltless? legends were told of the barbaric deeds of how humanity asian philosophy speaks of yin and yang and also how it’s used to describe how good and evil are connected and in every good person , they have a bad side in them. Often throughout history now a day’s man has showed that when left to his own devices , he’s is intrinsically malevolent.
The sights of human nature has changed throughout many centuries. During the middle ages man was known to have many flaws, and when the black plague disease rolled around it was considered to be a punishment for all of man’s evil doings or thats what they may have believed. On examination of people,old historical events ,& even some written texts , man was default to the immoral ,debauched,dishonest & etc. Even though there was a very basic time of understanding of the world we live in & yet people these people conscious told them by removing the lives of others they could save themselves, but the poor treatment during the industrial revolution as well as during the time period of WW1 showed that people may never change their selfish ways for anyone. The certainty of the industrial Revolution that started to cut away the made-up that was born during the enlightenment.

“Again, men have no pleasure , but on the contrary, a great deal or grief, in keeping company where there is no power able to overawe them all.(thomas hobbes , pg.59). Although man looks l...

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...ets by ok with a mixture of traits and those who are good die without any reward, having made sacrifices for others.

By inborn nature one possesses the desire of the ear & eye even though it may sound like beauty . if the tendencies are met, lewdness and the licentiousness result but the pattern and order of the modesty and righteousness may appear. therefore man must follow his nature and his feelings will have a predictable result in strife and rapacity combined with rising and disorder and that would end the violence. so there must the civilizing influence of some teachers and laws and also guidance of success, even though it may result in the difference and compliance combined with the way and order ,end in discipline .

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