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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne has introduced a character that has been judged harshly. Because, she has been misinformed of her husband’s death; therefore, she was greave and had sought comfort resulting in a baby from the lover whom gave her comfort. When her secret had been discovered she was isolated for committing a treacherous crime of adultery, as one of her punishments she was forced to wear an A on her chest. The novel presents a structure of a society, using symbolism and diction to give underline meaning to the themes, portraying religious tendencies ruled by the philosophy of good and evil.
Puritans believed in strict religious dedications, by trying to follow the holy commandment. “The discipline of the family, in those days, was of a far more rigid kind than now.”(Hawthorne 9). They wanted to be considered the holiest of all people because they try to reflect a world of perfection in the sight of God. While they where trying to portray a holy life; however, they where also living a sinful life because they have been judgmental, slandering, uncompassionate, resentment, and forbearing, which are all sinful acts of the bible.
Hester is being considered as the devil (Bellis 1), which is a sign that the town’s people are slanderous and judgmental. Their judgment has caused her to be isolated. “… A woman who had once been innocent…” is now considered as “…the reality of sin” (Hawthorne 39). They look at her as a threat diminishing their community’s chance for purification because “there was the taint of deepest sin…” (Hawthorne 24). My apprehension of Pearl is that she is the fruit of evil, because she is seen as “immortal” (Hawthorne 11). Because, she has caused a ruckus, her immoral acts have disturbed the nature of their society. They think this is morally correct because, “Political and generational ambivalence has its psychological counterpart…” (Bellis 2), which give them the right to make her an evil outcast.
Pearl is said to symbolize the result of sin but her character as a child have placed an innocent view of her contribution to the story. As any mother would accept their child she have accepted her “… torture, none the less! Pearl keeps me here in life! Pearl punishes me too!”(Hawthorne 38). Hester “represent the violation of social contract” (Egan1), because of her simple imperfection of “struggles to meet the social demands.

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..” (Egan2). The A on her chest is also a symbolic connecting to the bible. The A represent the apple God had fore bade Eve from eating, “the infant was worthy to have been brought forth in Eden” (Hawthorne 29), also after Cain had committed a sin he was marked. Another symbol of evil is “the Black man”: because she clearly states “once in my life I met the Black man!” “This scarlet letter is his mark!” (Hawthorne 35).
Hawthorne’s diction have structure a society that have focus on a strict religious practice,” I came out of the vast and dismal forest, and entered this settlement of Christian men...”(Hawthorne 36).He portray how judgment can be brought upon the innocent because of constant isolation she suffer “… product of sin, she had no right among christened infants.”(Hawthorne 26).
“The Scarlet Letter” has use symbolism and diction to produce an underline meaning to the themes through the community’s religious tendencies. The obligation of the church is to keep the people from harm however they have caused more bad than good. All activities have surrounded Hester and her adultery.

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