The Role of the Modern Educational Leader Essay

The Role of the Modern Educational Leader Essay

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The modern educational leader must understand that their role is no longer to run the day to day operations of the school district or school. The role has been transformed to incorporate motivating students and teachers alike as well as creating visions and mission for the direction the leader would like to take with the organization. Leaders challenge and inspire people to go above and beyond their comfort zones. They have the ability to influence and enlist the support of others towards accomplishing specific goals.
To sustain this relationship between themselves and the people they inspire they must have integrity, loyalty, a positive attitude, strong communication and planning skills and should not be afraid to empower and serve their followers. Personal ethics must be of utmost importance to educational leaders as they are seen as role models in the community and they must conduct themselves accordingly.
Educational leaders are expected to be role models to teachers, staff and students alike and should carry themselves with respect and integrity. Leadership is not tantamount to management; it is of a higher degree and should be treated with great regard. Anyone can manage, but a good spiritual leader has the tools necessary to engage their employees who in return feel honored to be of service. These leaders have the ability to maintain the respect of those they lead because of their commitment and service to people.
Communication is also very important when dealing with parents and the community as a whole. If an educational leader is not getting their message across effective, getting people on board with the vision of the organization would be impossible. Leaders must be mindful t...

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...tendent and the principal. These three dimensions are easily recognized as essential aspects of good leadership. (Rebore, 2001 p.113)

Educational leaders must be trustworthy and have character in order to effectively run an organization. Leaders who do not have these traits usually cannot lead effectively and eventually lose their positions or worst, cause the organization to fail. Surrounding every good leader are mentors whose priority is the success of their mentee. Leaders who have strong community affiliations and mentors can withstand many challenges and eventually find their way.
These leadership traits are ideal for Educational leaders and should be fostered and encouraged by all. If followed leaders will have the opportunity to transform organizations and leave an impact on the lives of countless students, teachers and parents.

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