The Role of Faith in Field of Dreams

The Role of Faith in Field of Dreams

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Faith is an important aspect in everybody. It helps us see God, and believe in him. Our faith is always tested when there is a hard theological decision to make or somebody else trying to break your bold with God. The movie Field of Dreams, is a great example of how staying true to your faith can sometimes be hard.
In this movie, the main character Ray Kinsella shows his faith in what he believes he should do. In the beginning of the movie Roy hears a voice from the corn saying, “If you build it he will come.” At this point Roy has no idea who is talking to him or what about. He tells his wife Annie and his young daughter Karen. He eventually realizes that the voices are telling him to build a baseball field so “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and his teammates can play ball. Our group thought that the voices are coming from Ray’s conscience. We thought the message the voice is trying to get across is that if he builds the baseball field his father will come. We thought this because throughout the movie Ray discusses his relationship with his father and how it wasn’t the greatest. Another example of why we thought the voice was his conscience is when the voice says, “Ease his Pain.” Ray thought that he should have eased the writer Terence Mann’s pain, but we thought the voice was saying ease the pain from the relationship with his father. The Kinsella family showed great faith throughout the movie, but Ray definitely proved his the best. By listening to the voices, he built an expensive baseball field, traveled across the country with Terence Mann to find Archibald Graham. He could have quit at any time and just forgot about the voices, but he continued to stay strong to his faith and follow his dreams. Though Ray did end up realizing why he was being told to do these things, his faith and willpower was tested throughout the movie.
Faith was a major part in the movie, and ran parallel to the storyline for almost the entire duration. In many scenes faith was challenged. For example, when Ray and Annie are contemplating building the baseball field, when they have no funds and could lose their farm Ray’s faith was tested. Also when he was argues with his wife about whether to visit Terence Mann or not.

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Lastly when he meets Terence Mann and perseveres after getting the door slammed in his face twice. These scenes show how Ray continued on believing in his cause and never gave up on his faith. In many scenes of the movie there are Bible stories that are very similar and have the same meanings.
This movie, being about faith can be compared with many sections from the Bible. One story which is similar is from Acts 9, The Conversion of Saul. This story is parallel to Mark seeing the ballplayers at the end of the movie. Both men at first didn’t believe, but when suddenly, they had a change in faith, they realized what they had been missing. In another scene, Ray talks to his long-dead father. This portion of the movie is almost like The Prodigal Son, where they reconcile past differences, and celebrate afterwards. Lastly a major comparison between Genesis 6: 9-22, Noah’s Ark and the movie is possible. In the story, Noah knows what he has to do, but is not sure of the sanity of his situation. He does as God wills him, and in the end is rewarded. Ray Kinsella also didn’t know whether it was real at first, but just like Noah he was rewarded with a reunion with his father.
In the movie, Ray is given a second chance at confronting his dead father. After reflection, our group agreed that this segment of the movie was almost an exact copy of “The Prodigal Son.” We thought that since Ray was always talking about all the mistakes he made with his father he deserved to reunite with him. Ray building the baseball field and seeing his father again, really sums up what “If you build it he will come.” This baseball field was like heaven to the players who got to play after being dead.
Everything about this baseball field seemed perfect and it could have been heaven. Our group thought it was for the baseball players, because all they wanted to do is play for the rest of their lives. Heaven is thought to be perfect; and to the players the field was perfect and that’s why you can have heaven on Earth. It may not be heaven for all people a baseball field, but for this set if of ballplayers Ray’s field was their heaven on Earth.
In conclusion, our group learned a lot about our own faith and to always do what seems right. Ray Kinsella did exactly that with building his baseball field and he got the satisfaction of reuniting with his father again. We also learned how it doesn’t matter who believes in you always follow your dreams, and maybe one day they will come true.

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