Essay about The Psychology of Homosexuality

Essay about The Psychology of Homosexuality

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For many years, psychologists described homosexuality as a disorder or a treatable complex. Recently, homosexuality was removed from the DSM and is no longer considered a disorder. The gay population is no longer treated as sick but accepted as a diverse set of individuals. The many distinguishing attributes and characteristics of a gay or lesbian individual are considered to be personality attributes.

Many psychologists have analyzed homosexual individuals throughout the history of psychology and attempted to explain their behavior. Freud considered a homosexual individual to have suffered from the Oedipus complex during childhood without proper identification with the opposite sex parent. Lesbians tend to have a negative attitude towards their mother, stating that they are not understanding, very critical, dominating, and uncaring of their aspirations. The homosexual female was disrespectful, and would not compromise or submit to the mother’s desires (Podder, & De, 2011). The lack of identification led the individual to develop maladjusted behaviors and desires towards the same sex. The oedipal stage massively contributes to the development of sexual orientation (Podder & De, 2011). The individual would develop homosexual tendencies and behaviors without proper completion of the stage. Development would be hindered from this early stage and would affect the other stages throughout development. Personality in gay and lesbians would be affected by the improper or incomplete development at such an early stage. Development during the oedipal stage is critical in shaping personality, especially sexual orientation (Podder & De, 2011). Freud believed that homosexual men would relate with the mother while lesbians would identify wit...

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