The Prophet Muhammad, The Founder of Islam Essay

The Prophet Muhammad, The Founder of Islam Essay

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Islam first emerged in the Arabian Peninsula. The word Islam means “universal submission to God.” There were several reasons for the rapid and successful spread of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. The first cause of the successful spread of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula was Muhammad's ability to inspire almost unlimited devotion in persons with whom he came in close contact. The second cause of the rapid spread of Islam was the shallowness and the inadequacy of the paganism of the Arabs, who indeed attached but little importance to their old religion. The third reason for the rapid spread of Islam in Arabia was after the Apostasy, all the tribes accepted Islam and the former conflict between religion and tribal loyalty disappeared. The fourth reason was that as soon as the war commenced against Byzantium and Persia, all the objections against Islam disappeared. The fifth reason for the rapid spread of Islam in Arabia was that after Muhammad’s death, there was nothing that succeeded like his success. The sixth reason for the rapid success of Islam in Arabia was its perfect suitability to the people and the age. It was essentially an Arabic religion. The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, which the Arabs thought to be the language used by God (Glubb 381-384).
The prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam. Muhammad was recognized and acknowledged by the Jews, at the time he was born, and later by Abyssinian Christians as God’s own apostle (Peters 133). The life and achievements of Muhammad would affected the spiritual, political, and ethical vision of Muslims forever (Armstrong 23). Muhammad was called to be the Messenger and Prophet of God around age forty, although he reported that at some time before the angel Gabriel first...

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...eek refuge with the prophet of God, may God bless and save him. Flee to him, place yourself under his protection, and ask him to intercede for you with God, and God will accept this intercession. That is my view.” When Kankan Musa asked one of his shaykhs (elders) to choose the day of his departure, the shaykh said to him, “you should wait for the Saturday which falls on the twelfth day of the month. Set forth on that day, and you will not die before you return safe and sound to your residence, please God.” He waited nine months to begin his pilgrimage until a Saturday and the 12th day of the month coincided. Starting at that time, travelers of Mail believed it was lucky to set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca on a Saturday that is on the 12th day of the month (Overfield/Andrea 229). When he left to go on his Pilgrimage, he had 8,000 men with him (Overfield Andrea 230).

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