`` The Prodigal Son, By King James Essay

`` The Prodigal Son, By King James Essay

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Prodigal Son
Siblings often like to argue about who got treated better and who had it the hardest when it came to their parents. In most cases the younger of the children gets spoiled because their “the baby” of the bunch. Then the oldest always seemed to have the hard end of the deal. With them being the first child the parents are just trying to get the hang of things, which ends up them being stricter and setting more rules for the older child. In “The Prodigal Son,” by King James, the eldest brother feels like the father was treating him unfairly. In the text, the father of two sons gives his youngest child ten million dollars to go to Vegas and blow it, while the eldest son stayed home and worked in the fields. When the youngest son returns broke and homeless, he was expecting nothing more than just being accepted back as a servant to his father. To his surprise, his father welcomed him back with a huge celebration. As a result, the eldest son was furious and jealous beyond belief. When the father asked him to join the party, the eldest replied, “Lo, these many years do I serve thee, neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment…” The eldest son was obviously upset that he stayed around working, and was never shown and appreciation. This fiasco could have been all prevented if the father wouldn’t have given the youngest the money to begin with, if the father would have punished the younger son afterwards, or if the father would have rewarded the eldest with the money instead.
To begin, the whole problem between father and son could have been prevented if the father wouldn’t have given the youngest ten million dollars to being with. If the father would have kept his money to himself and wouldn’t have giv...

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...ey to begin with, if the father would have punished the younger son afterwards, or if the father would have rewarded the eldest with the money instead. By giving the youngest son the money it didn’t teach him the important lessons on disciple and hard work. Then when the youngest son showed back up at the home of the father after blowing the money, he was shown no anger or disappointment. He was welcomed home with a celebration. That taught the young son that there are no consequences for your actions. Then lastly, the father showed have shown the eldest appreciation for all his hard work and granted him the money instead. That then would also teach the youngest that you must work to be rewarded. It all seems that the youngest son was just like the father. The father was willing to just blow the money to his son, so the son was just willing to blow it all in Vegas.

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