Essay on The Power of Professional Learning Communities

Essay on The Power of Professional Learning Communities

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Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Education opens the door for everyone to excel in life. To become a strong nation, its people, especially children, must have a good education so the nation can continue to excel and become stronger. Nevertheless, America is suffering through an education crisis today. The current statistics show that the United States is falling behind in education compared to other countries. The illiteracy rate is high, and the graduation rates for inner city children are low. The causes of this crisis are everyday problems such as lack of interest in school, poverty, and standardized testing. There are many solutions to the problem, but one solution, Professional Learning Communities, is more effective because teachers, administrators, and parents come together as a whole, to help the children. Despite the child’s background, the school community comes together to help the school. The method used to test Professional Learning Communities is a previous case study of PLCs in Twin Falls Idaho school district. The entire school district consists of mostly white middle class families. The school created a Quality School Committee to create and implement new ideas to improve the school district, and standardized the main subjects. In the end, the entire student body improved in test scores and other assessments. Other cases studies have been done on PLCs and other solutions are mentioned in this research paper. Nevertheless, Professional Learning Communities make a difference.

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