Essay about The Penny Harvest and Common Core

Essay about The Penny Harvest and Common Core

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Standards-based education has been a prevalent theme within educational rhetoric since the release of A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Education Reform in 1983; the report had been compiled by President Ronald Reagan's National Commission on Excellence in Education. The report described the state of education across America, stating that nearly 10% of the American population was “functionally illiterate”, the private and military sectors were spendings tens of millions of dollars on remedial education and training programs, and that the United States had fallen dangerously behind its industrialized international competition (U.S Department of Education). The report set of a chain of reports, recommendations and initiatives from a variety of sources further accentuating the issue and offering solutions. One of the prevailingly appealing solutions became the idea that schools follow a standards-based education model which allowed schools to be quantifiably measured using a system of standardized tests. The implementation of No Child Left Behind in 2002 put this philosophy into place, requiring that American schools implement standards-based education and develop assessments to measure attainment of the standards in order to receive federal education money. Though, because NCLB did not establish national standards, every state was responsible for developing its own standards. The inequity of education standards across the United States caused disarray being that some states had set high standards for their students, whose students would then be more prepared to tackle the job market than their national counterparts. In response to this issue, in 2009 the Common Core Initiative set out to develop a set of shared, national standard...

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