Essay on The Patriot Ac Does NOT Violate Constitutional Rights

Essay on The Patriot Ac Does NOT Violate Constitutional Rights

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Citizens of any country are given some rights as well as responsibilities, and the United States of America is no exception. The Constitution (US Const) of the USA as well as the first ten amendments, also known as “Bill of Rights”, defines the framework of it. It is a supreme law that defines how Federal Government works.
Shortly after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, the US congress enacted a law, commonly known as The Patriot Act. This law enlarges the power of government and administration allowing them to obtain the personal records of any person of suspect in hopes of preventing any future terrorist act. Many of its provisions were going to expire in 2005, but Congress passed another bill named “US PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act in 2006” to reauthorize those.
The Patriot Act technically doesn’t violate any constitutional right. However there are lots of gray areas where its interpretation are not only different but questionable. Even more some individual may overstep the fine line between the rights and responsibilities they have.
Although the main purpose of this act is to maintain the safety of its citizens, residents and visitors, a debated soon started weather it violates Constitutional rights or not. The Constitution not only gives some rights to citizens, but also protects them. However, several lawyers are worried about the abuse of power by this act and violate the “Bill of Rights” and specifically the 4th amendment of the Constitution.
Supporters of this act claim that most of the changes suggested by “The Patriot Act” are not new offers, only modest changes to the existing law. For example; interference with an airline crew has been illegal since Kennedy was President (Sales, Nathan A...

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