Essay on The New Hope Impressionists

Essay on The New Hope Impressionists

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Dumbfounded: An Artist’s View

Have you ever walked into a pole? Has something ever distracted or amazed you so much, that you just took the time to stop and appreciate it no matter how busy you are at the time? Everyone is struck by something remarkable in life at one point or another. For some this could be the genius captured in the highest creations of architecture, for some this could be a painting, photograph or sculpture, while for others this could be the natural magnificence around everyone, The New Hope Impressionists or Pennsylvania Impressionists were awed by the vast Pennsylvania landscape and the beauty that surrounded them each and every time they painted. New Hope was formed in 1898 played a dominant role in the American art world of the 1910s and 1920s.
In 1898, two painters, William Langson Lathrop and Edward Willis Redfield, moved to Bucks County. Lathrop had taken a friend up on an invitation and had stayed with a family for a month or two and purchased the property almost a year later. “Lathrop was enthralled with the area” (Peterson 3). Also in 1898, Redfield cam to Bucks County, though not for the first town; born and raised in Delaware, he had visited many times. His family had come upon some land in the 1890’s and he moved there after he had purchased it from his aunt. Both painters brought their young families and were already nationally known for their work. Afterwards, many other painters followed—many with already prominent careers—mostly because of the presence of these two great artists.
Later, after many works of art, and a new style, the renown artist and critic, Guy Péne du Bois, would characterize these paintings as “America’s ‘first truly national expression’” (Westmoreland Museum o...

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... and many others, stopped this attempt and instead aimed to capture and transcend the splendor of their natural surrounding that had already dumbfounded them to their audiences.

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