Essay on The Negative Effects of Advertisements on Men and Women

Essay on The Negative Effects of Advertisements on Men and Women

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The idea that advertising directly effects how individuals look at each other and themselves is not a new one. The idea has been around almost as long as advertising has. The idea that it creates a negative body image is a good theory, and is highly supported by public opinion. Advertisers use all sorts of ploys to get a person to buy their product, but in their message can be detrimental to the goals of society. Television is the easiest medium to transmit the advertisers message. It can go deeper than a print ad, and can give more of a storyline to the ad. The goal of this survey was to gauge how men and women perceived advertisements and if it had an effect on the way they thought.

Questions asked included the amount of time the respondent watched television, how often they saw ads using sexual images and family-oriented images, and the use of the opposite or same sex to sell a product. The questions that were asked are presented below, in order:

1. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement that makes you wish to change something about your spouse/significant other.
2. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement that makes you feel like you need to change something about yourself (clothing, hair, etc.).
3. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement that makes you feel uncomfortable.
4. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement using family friendly images to sell a product (fully dressed women, families, etc.).
5. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement using inappropriate images to sell a product (sex, minimal clothing, etc.).
6. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement geared towards men featuring men.
7. Rate the level at which you see an advertisement geared towards men...

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