The Myth of Equality

The Myth of Equality

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In his article, “The Myth of Equality” written in August 2010 in his official blog, Patrick Buchanan, an American conservative political commentator, suggests that equality will never be achievable here in America when it comes to personal skills and abilities (par. 8). He points out the inequality that is evident in the American professional sports where only those who are considered “good” are thriving (par. 6-7). Buchanan reveals that the standardize test that is given to students proves that there is a disparity in education among racial groups (par. 16). He infers that here in America, because we vary in our capabilities to perform at something, inequalities among racial groups are almost the standard and it is demonstrated in several institutions.
One organization where inequality among racial groups is established is in the American professional sports system; where only those who demonstrate excellence in the sport flourish. Buchanan interprets statistics reported by columnist Walter Williams to conclude that black male athletes dominate majority of the popular sports such as the NFL and the NBA (par. 5). Furthermore, Buchanan reveals that no one complains when Hispanics and Asians who make up a good percentage of the population are not visible nor pursued after in this organization (par. 2).
The enactment of standardizes testing given to students to measure their academic abilities and supposedly will close achievement gap only prove that the battle to the end achievement gap between racial groups is a failure. Buchanon elucidate statistics of the results from the national test under the “No Child Left Behind” program to infer that there is a huge gap between white students and black students (par. 19). On the same note, New Yorks state test scores reveals a large imbalance in academics between different racial groups (par. 16)
For Buchanon, here in America, the notion of equality among racial group will never be attained. This is because we as an individual, whether it is academic or athletic, are all different in a great deal of way. We respond to situation differently.
There is always some sort of competition that is constantly occurring and it is certainly true that only those who exhibit excellence will be superior over the rest of the population. Although Patrick Buchanan’s essay proves the notion that equality among races when it comes to academic is in fact a myth, he failed to illustrate other influences that drive America in to racial inequality.

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It is only right to argue that Patrick Buchanan’s essay is only presenting the results of a problem and not the cause of it. He failed to incorporate factors such as socio-economic status and immigration background, which in someway affect the success of an individual. He states that the New York state test program was a total failure in terms of closing the achievement gap between racial groups (par.12). He also reports that 40 percent of black students and 46 percent of Hispanics students achieved standards in math compared to 75 percent white and 83 percent Asians. According to Diane Ravitch, former secretary of Education, majority of the students who will score below standards are the students from poor or minority communities where large number of children are poor and does not speak English (par. 6).
The “No Child Left Behind” directly aggravates racial inequality in our society. For one, it has failed to accomplish its goal to increased student learning and close the achievement gap. Furthermore since schools city schools curriculum such as the one in New York focuses more in state test, ignoring the student’s culture and interest, thus result in the students being kept in grade or perhaps force those students who did not meet the standards out of school in order to increase the ratio of students passing. The policy also in indirectly intensifies racial inequality in our society. It shifts our attention from focusing on fixing the actual problems that affect students such as poverty, unemployment, and housing, to list a few, to focusing on how to improve test scores.
Standardizes testing also exacerbate inequality in our society by only favoring those who are in someway are excellent in English, math, or whatever subject it may be. What about those immigrants that knows nothing about the history of America? or the Grand Canyon. What about those who just migrated in America and can barely speak English? For Amy Chua who migrated here in America along with her parents grew up only speaking their native language Chinese at home (253).
Buchanan’s notion of inequality in America is almost the norm may be valid, however he not only fails to show the definite reason in why inequalities among racial groups are the standards in America but he also fails to elaborate more on policies that make the idea of Equality really a myth.

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