The Legendary Evel Knievel Essay

The Legendary Evel Knievel Essay

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"He's a motorcycle daredevil driver. All his life he's been doing death defying feats. Death has nearly defied him several times. His longest jump was fifty yards, a fifty-yard jump over the fountains of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. This jump did not go well. You may have read about it. Or seen some still photos of it. He has some film with him of what happened. He seems to spend his life, or what he has left of it, it sometimes seems to be, seeing what he can do to shorten it. Incredible things he does... Will you welcome the legendary Evel Knievel"(Montville 7). Born Robert Knievel, “Evel” was not your average Joe. Going through many job and family changes in his life, he went from a life of crime behind bars to becoming one of the most influential and popular people of his time. While going through adulthood, Knievel picked up many hobbies, including riding motorcycles, which he is still remembered for to this day. After many years, tricks and attempts, his stunts he performed for the world were always known as successes, even after going home with broken bones, if he even got to leave a hospital bed. Evel Knievel influenced today's daredevils with his bold attempts that are still legendary considering his exemplary maturation, innovative hobbies, and successes at unimaginable stunts.
Many people wonder why or how he got his nickname, “Evel”, whenever they first hear or see his name. Although it was not a good situation for his record, when Knievel was arrested after a police chase on his motorcycle, he was sitting in a cell with William Knofel. A jailer sitting on duty played around with their names and called William “Awful Knofel,” and going for consistency, the jailer referred to Robert as “Evel Knievel.” The name stuck. T...

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...ically creating a sport, Knievel has shaped the path for newcomers in extreme sports and stuntmen all over the world. He demonstrated good morals for the love of the sport and influenced motorcycle riders everywhere to simply follow their dreams. Evel’s dedication to extreme sports and stunt shows alone could prove to anyone that he significantly put forward influential records and standards alongside today’s current popular daredevil, Travis Pastrana. But Evel was not just influential for his physical contributions, but also his verbal commitment to children and teens through his speeches, demonstrating his anti-drug campaign. With his problems behind him, he chased his dreams and never looked back, but always kept his family close by. After all the past that he had endured, I think anyone could see that Evel Knievel had the greatest influence on today’s daredevils.

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