The Jobs of the National Riffle Association Essay example

The Jobs of the National Riffle Association Essay example

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The Jobs of the NRA
Today the National Rifle Association is the largest association that protects your second amendment rights. The NRA was created in 1871 for one primary reason. However what most people don’t know is that its intention has changed very much overtime. There have been many different presidents and spokespersons of the NRA over time, which has always been ready to defend your gun rights at all costs. Furthermore the basis of the NRA has changed with a growing and always changing government. The location of where the NRA is based primarily out of has changed much over time as well. Going into detail the NRA will be thoroughly explained giving knowledge of the history as well as there purpose through out the years to come.
Two Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate created the National Rifle Association in 1871(1). The Primary reason they created it was to help soldiers with their marksmanship, because Col. Church and Gen. Wingate noticed that their troops had a major lack in their accuracy. Starting in 1873 the NRA would begin holding annual competitions at their range Creedmoor. Their purpose again started to expand quickly with the promotion of shooting in America’s youth. The NRA pushed for colleges and universities to start rifle clubs. Still today there are over a million youth involved in shooting competitions. In 1934 the NRA formed the Legislative Affairs Division that was in place to notify people of legislative facts about their second amendment rights. This only informed members of issues however if they wanted to do something about the issues in government they would have to take out action on their own. After time passed the NRA realized they would have to step up their game an...

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...rvised. The NRA funds classes for firearm safety and conducts simnars around the United States and Canada insuring safety of women. The NRA is Americas longest stand civil rights organization. In the book Gun Crusaders by Scott Melzer he says
“They Fear losing their guns, and they fear losing their freedoms.”(pg.1)

This is what the NRA fights for, to keep your rights and freedoms from the government.

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