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The Jewish Messiah Essay

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Jesus Christ or the professed Jewish Messiah was tried for terrible blasphemy. It was a great catastrophe. Had Jesus given a fair trial then His claim for divine Messiahship would have been established. Unfortunately the laws were bent and the eyes were closed and thus a fair judgment was prevented. There is no doubt that this was the most terrible miscarriage of justice ever experienced by the mankind. In open court it was admitted by Jesus Christ that He was God in human flesh. What ever would happen one day He would appear as the King of the most sacred place that is Israel and finally of all the universe. It was surprising that His trial ended abruptly and a decision of guilt was announced unanimously. Blasphemy was the main charge, which was leveled against Him. It was claimed that He presented Himself with the characteristics of Jehovah. Now the question arises if Jesus Christ was really the Messiah as was declared in the Old Testament. If this statement was true, then the Jews had no right to have a trial of Jesus Christ and give Him the verdict. If this was not proved than the Jews had no other alternative but to follow their Scriptures and impose death on Jesus Christ. It is estimated that about 30 points of Jewish civil rights came under violation while the trial of Jesus was conducted. It seems very strange that people of that caliber in learning and legal experts could blunder so badly. It has been happening from centuries that the Jews have been accused for killing Jesus. The Christians have been using this accusation to persecute and murder innocent Jews. Jews were driven out of Flanders, which is a part of Belgium now, in 1121. Jews were told to convert to Christianity or die during the conquer of Spain. The bi...

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...rn to this earth and will establish his kingdom here. The life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus is a revelation of God for the world’s redemption and this is unveiled by the Old Testament. In fact Old Testament was the vehicle, which revealed the true meaning of the redemptive events of the gospel. We can sum up the whole events and facts in this way that Jesus had to face rigors of crucifixion and eventually died. He was buried and due to His death His disciples lost hope and became despair. The tomb of Jesus was found empty just after a few days. It was a proof that Jesus had risen.

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