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The, The Irrevocable Truth Essay

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“Derealization”: The Irrevocable Truth
Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”-Voltaire. “Derealization” is about a story of a boy who derails reality to compensate for his harsh life. The David Mills encompasses literary tools such as illusion motif, weed pipe symbols, and the things being other to propel the character development of Shaymus. To convey his message of difficulties in finding truth in the world, Mills shows that one can only pretend for so long till the truth comes out and that no matter how one tries to hide something or pretend it does not exist, truth has a way of coming out.
The authoritative figures in a teen’s life mold them for adulthood. In Shaymus’ case, the negative examples set by his parents and the role models around him are far from exemplary. Starting with an alcoholic father who uses alcohol as an outlet “to deal with the people at their worst…”, Shaymus fears that he is on a brink of violence. “Doggy gone pepper spray… in case, my old man buries the needle on the drunk meter”. And a mother pretends to a sweeter person in front of her husband... “Behind closed doors…Ma’s kinda this other person I don’t really know.” The author exemplifies dysfunctionality to Shaymus’ life as the root of his detachment to reality. The root of his distrust and acts of simulation derives from his parents made what Shaymus what he is now which justifies why he devoid reality.
In which case, even the role models outside of his home who are supposed to guide him in his quest to adulthood are failures in their own right. Goffman, guidance counselor is supposed to help him figure out his life unloads his problems on to him. “All’s Goffman pretty much gripe is how his wife spends his money an...

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...t this the truth he cannot run away from. However, he was faced with a moral dilemma that was forced upon by his father to keep it a secret.
But at last, while it is a norm for Shaymus to alleviate from certain truths of his life, his realization of what is real and what is not transpired to the last scene of text. As Shaymus tells his Rayjay to go to sleep, his brother mentions that “monsters aren’t real” and instead of sparing him from the truth, Shaymus replied with “She lied to you.” The author ends with a powerful message that could crush a child’s point view. Although, it was wrong for Shaymus to share this type of information, he does so because derailment of reality can get one to be lost in it. And even if the truth is ugly, it is better to accept it firsthand because the truth will eventually come out and in the end, one can never run away from the truth.

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