Essay on The Internal Struggles in Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

Essay on The Internal Struggles in Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

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The child’s game had ended. After I nearly ran Kurtz over, we stood facing each other. He was unsteady on his feet, swaying like the trees that surrounded us. What stood before me was a ghost. Each layer of him had been carved away by the jungle, until nothing remained. Despite this, his strength still exceeded that of my own. With the tribal fires burning so close, one shout from him would unleash his natives on me. But in that same realization, I felt my own strength kindle inside me. I could just as easily muffle his command and overtake him. The scene flashed past my eyes as though I was remembering not imagining. The stick that lay two feet from me was beating down on the ghost, as my bloodied hand strangled his cries. My mind abruptly reeled backwards as I realized what unspeakable dark thoughts I had let in. Kurtz seemed to understand where my mind had wandered; it was as though the jungle’s wind has whispered my internal struggles to him. His face twisted into a smile. He seemed to gloat and enjoy standing by to watch my soul begin to destroy itself.

“You’re just like me. You don’t realize it yet, but one of these days you won’t be able to deny your hunger anymore.” I looked up to meet his gaze and was again caught by his demeanor. The shadows cut harsh designs on his hollow face. Darkness trailed behind him like a king’s robe as he paced where the light could not reach him.
“You don’t know me.” My voice sounded as unsteady as his stance. He shrugged as he chuckled; the laughter turned my blood cold. He seemed to know something I did not.
“It doesn’t matter because neither do you.” At first I didn’t understand. Neither did I what? But after a moment the impact of his statement hit me. Kurtz was su...

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...know myself. I had buried the truth deep within my soul, and it took a ghost, a jungle, and my hunger to tear it out and expose the truth.” While he murmured on, Marlow didn’t realize that tears had begun to slide down his cheeks. His very soul was weeping for the loss.
“At least everything is behind you now. The evil is thousands of kilometers away, so it can’t touch you.” Marlow met the eyes of the accountant, who noticed how is eyes appeared vacant. He wondered if the vacancy led straight down Marlow’s core.

“Oh no, the evil resides in the darkest part of each soul. Evil tendrils slither around this very boat, because you can never escape yourself.” The utterance carved through the night air, leaving their hearts encircled with darkness, taunting the hunger inside.

Works Cited

Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. New York: Knopf, 1993. Print.

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