The Importance of Communication in Business Essay

The Importance of Communication in Business Essay

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“Communication can be defined as the exchange of verbal and nonverbal information between a sender and receiver” (Swaab, 2009). Communication certainly takes on many forms. In any given circumstance, communication serves as the very backbone in the skeleton of any business. Without its proper use, conversing all that needs to be done would cease in taking place and certainly cripple a company. Simply, doing business requires much communication.

Planning is essential in conducting business. Knowing how to properly communicate these plans from management roles to subordinates requires the skill of communication. From persuading a customer to buy a product or service to merely giving out information regarding your business to prospective customers, proper communication always proves to be key.

Getting a point across in an influential manner often takes time, effort, and skill. Skillfully delivering a proposed idea, product, or service using the skill of communication can be the difference between a deal and no deal. Being aware that deals are made and broken from contributions of both verbal and nonverbal communication is absolutely vital in the communication process. “Communication can induce cooperation and thereby decrease exclusion from coalition agreements in multiparty negotiations” (Swaab, 2009).

Verbal communication is the process of communicating through the use of words. This can take place in face to face encounters, phone conversations, meetings, text, e-mail, voice messages, letters, and even reports. Verbal communication is certainly going to have a lasting effect to the receiver in that the receiver will dually note everything that has been said at later dates and time. Likewise, non-verbal communic...

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