Essay The Impact of Motivation on Learning

Essay The Impact of Motivation on Learning

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What is motivation? What influences it? The term motivation can be defined in different ways. Motivation can simply defined as “ a need that, if high, is evident in a strong desire to achieve, to excel, to reach a high level of excellence” (Lefrancois 430). To become motivated, one must have a positive attitude to a variety of learning skills. Some factors that influence motivation include our peers, friends, parents, and environmental settings. Division four being high school division, attention is focused towards learning and what methods can be used. Students at this stage are more eager and develop a sense of what he or she wants to do and accomplish in upcoming adulthood. With a division comes a group of intelligent theorists. All seen through the minds of Jean Piaget, Victor Vygotsky, Erik Erikson, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Albert Bandura, and Lawrence Kohlberg.

When Jean Piaget examined his children’s interactions with the environment, he developed a sense that the older the child becomes, the greater their intelligence will be. In the fourth division of stages, high school students develop newer schemes which are new ideas or concepts that will help them meet achievement. His or her motivation is acquired through equilibrium. It is the ability to support a balance of previous knowledge with what the student knows now. Think of equilibrium as a teeter - totter, both sides keep a strong balance. From choosing to go to university, or taking a year off to get that tuition. The importance of motivation is to set goals. It doesn’t matter what the goals are, as long as they are positive and state what that person wishes to do. With Piaget’s theory comes some challenges of learning.
Normally referred to as disequilibrium,...

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..., etc. Taking these courses will help give students the idea of what to expect when entering university. Lots of hard work. The third key to installing preparation is to study hard. Many students at this level procrastinate or not study at all. Results show that seniors graduate high school with a minimum average, making it harder to enter a specific program. Goals for all students in high school should be to work hard, motivate and build more knowledge.

Overall, motivation affects learning from all different aspects. All from having a positive attitude. The more determination or faith a student has in themselves, the more knowledge they will grasp in preparation for young adulthood. With the help of supporters ( teachers, parents, peers, or coaches) students will be able to ask, answer, and discuss, therefore, it determines positive thinking and attitude.

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