Essay on The Impact of Internet on Users and their Way of Thinking

Essay on The Impact of Internet on Users and their Way of Thinking

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In the present day, the development of internet causes considerable changes in social relations and people lifestyle. Internet users spend most of their life online. One of the recent trends is the development of social networks, which encourage the creation of realistic communities. In such a situation, the question concerning the impact of Internet on human being, especially on human brain and behavior arises. In this concern, views on the impact of Internet vary consistently. On the one hand, Internet is recognized as a valuable intermediate, which helps users to share and broadcast information easily. But, another view on the impact of internet, that Internet is noticed as a threat to the social life and identity of individuals because it engages users changing their life online and leaving less time for real world social relations. In real life, it is obvious that Internet does have the impact on the way users think but this impact can hardly be discovered in a day, but, in its place, it is a long lasting process which may have negative effects because of the information overload and negative behavioral changes, such as distraction, the lack of ability to concentrate on one issue and others.
The negative impact of Internet on behavioral changes in users
In fact, internet has a considerable impact on the behavior of individuals and their way of thinking. Scientists say juggling e-mail, phone calls and other incoming information can change how people think and behave. They say human ability to focus is being undermined by bursts of information (Richtel, 2010). In fact, internet can cause the information overload in users because they have access to the huge amount of information which human brain seem to be hardly able to p...

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...t and telecommunication systems along with mass media, people will hardly be ever refuse from internet, unless a new, more progressive technology emerges. At the moment, the impact of Internet on human brains and the way of thinking is obvious and almost irrevocable but the impact can apparent its effects in a long-run perspective.

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