The Impact of Green Living on America Essay

The Impact of Green Living on America Essay

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Even though it’s not easy to get people to change and it is not completely fail proof, green living should be introduced into the American way of life because it can make the environment cleaner and safer and save people money on electric, water, and gas. The concept of green living is based on simply carrying out acts of knowledge to keep our planet healthy. People were put on the earth to take care of it, not hurt it. Ironically, however, we are hurting it every day and in result it takes a toll on our population in negative ways. People will most likely not make a big issue about this because there are no catastrophic affects to them directly yet. The enforcement of green living happens to be very controversial and if people don’t take action soon enough it will be too late.

According to the article “Renewable Energy”, “Renewable energy accounted for only 10.5 percent of all the energy produced in the United States” (Renewable Energy). Our planet relies on hundreds of thousands of different resources. Generation after generation, the human population has created potential for various studies and developments of more efficient ways to get energy that we need without harming the environment. The consumption of energy sources for simple operations like driving, heat and cooling for our house and much more is extremely high and always in demand. Renewable energy or alternative energy is energy from sources that are infinite and natural such as solar, hydrogen, wind, and hydroelectric power. Its abundance makes it easier to produce for the energy companies; therefore it makes energy bills less expensive. Solar energy is used by absorbing the suns rays and converting it into heat to bring water to a boiling point to produce...

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