The Ideal Hero

The Ideal Hero

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There is always a common, ideal, hero a person may have in may have in mid. One might stereotype against the sex of the imaginative ideal hero to finalize their judgement on whether they will have the qualities of being a true hero. Having the same cultural perception will 'box out' other ideas that another person may have suggested. Relying on these stereotypes brought out by others, we are able to use them to build our own stereotypical understanding of a hero. But the true question is, how are they brought up to be a hero?

The common stereotypical view of a true hero would tend to be big and muscular. Never will you see a small and skinny boy walking into a free falling ton of bricks to save his loved ones. Take 'Superman' for example, he would be seen to have the qualities of what a true hero would strive for. The quality in which only a male would suit for stereotypically, as for women they are more commonly seen to be less heroic and more of a household slave.

Heroes would commonly be seen to be male as they would have the courage to fight for what he believes in. They aspects of which we can only see in a male as they are more commonly seen to come back home with a female at his hand to massage him and feed his needs. Males and females are quite the opposite in what they look for in each other. A male would look for a nice innocent, good looking girl, where as a female would want to look for a man who is strong and will protect her at any means. This then comes to show how females then become reliant on a male for her safety needs.

Heroes always start from the somewhere and then train till they reach the needed
standard where they are then needed to protect their city. Having the abilities, they still must train to maintain the control over the power they now possess. Spiderman is an example, he once was originally a young man whose goal was just to get into university and study science, while on an excursion to a museum he was bitten by a venomous spider, having no life taking effects but instead turning him into a man who now possesses spidery features. Then once having control over the power he now possesses he must arise at every moment where his city and loved ones may run into danger.

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The common ideal hero one has in mind must consist of certain qualities and features, being big and muscular. Judging against your physical looks, a person could tell whether you are weak, strong and whether you even have the courage. By ?boxing out? other ideas to change our stereotypical view of things it will always remain the same towards how we judge things. I believe the ideal hero everyone would strive to look for would be of course the almighty big and muscular man.
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