The ICU as an Effective Learning Environment Essay

The ICU as an Effective Learning Environment Essay

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Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes. It may occur as part of education, personal development or training. According to Hinchliff (1999), there are many factors that can give and affect the quality of learning such as students, teachers and the environment. Meanwhile, learning environment itself is the physical or virtual setting in which learning takes place. Hannafin, Land & Oliver (1999) described learning environment as a typically constructivist in nature, engaging learners in “sense-making” or reasoning about extensive resource set, including four components which are enabling context, resources, a set of tools and scaffolds.

This paper is going to discuss the significance of my clinical area as a context for
learning and how myself as practitioner can give to an effective learning environment. I have been a critical care nurse working in intensive care unit for almost seven years. I am graduated from local nursing school in 2002. At first, I worked on a regular hospital floor. One year later, I came to intensive care unit and obtained my intensive care post basic certificate in 2006. I was attracted to critical care nursing because of the challengers and the environment. Here in the intensive care unit my nursing skills and role continues to evolve.

The intensive care unit is at a very strategic location and in the second floor
where immediate transportation of patient is available from all departments and wards. The unit is staffed and equipped to a high standard to give quality care to the patient. The unit is divided into two adjacent clinical areas. Open plan area with ten bedded spaces and isolation room with two bedded spa...

... middle of paper ...

... into people’s actions and feelings
and can be a resource for helping people to improve their lives. The continuing in the
students experiences at practice area are important in creating a welcoming learning
environment. This can be achieved through a regular daily schedule and group support
by involving staffs, unit sisters, doctors and specialists that have different level of
knowledge and experiences. Finally, promoting a sense of community within the
hospital and the practice area is an essential element to a welcome and supportive
social climate.

To end, this paper has identified my clinical area as context for learning in which it offers great learning opportunities although there are some limitations. A few
recommendations have been highlighted to improve the quality of learning in
the future.

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