The HR Function and Its Implications in the Organization Essay examples

The HR Function and Its Implications in the Organization Essay examples

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Summary Statement: This paper examines in detail HR function and its implications in an organization. The paper discusses how the HR function is handled in an organization. The paper explains what are the efficient ways to use it in an organization, its division and supervision strategies. Human resource function is the process by which the HR manager can ensure that the organization has correct number of employees with correct skills in present or in the future to meet the organization’s strategic business objectives. For example, if an organization plans to expand into new markets or to provide new services in the near future, the HR manager should develop a HR plan to measure how many new employees should be hired? What skills should the employees have? When should the recruitment start? How will this plan affect the existing employees? Does any Government regulation that should be consider? These are only a few of the many considerations in formulating an effective HR function The advent of knowledge economy requires companies to form a new concept of HR, that is, the human- oriented concept. Globalization refers to the development of an economy and any forms of governance that span much of the world. It means the integration of markets across the entire world and the increasing tendency for people, corporations and states to operate in or across national boundaries. By these exercises, the performance theory concludes that there may be some linkages within a broad view of performance which could explore causal links between HR and performance. In addition to Guest’s review on HR and performance, there is a growing body of literatures that support the correlation between high performance as a result of HR practice and vari...

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...’ of best (or better) practice of HR would be those practices that concern: (Deloitte & Touche, 2001) 1) selection of suitable staff from market, not allocated by the state as the planned system exercised previously; 2) provision of incentive reward systems by at least linking performance with payment, and practicing effective welfare scheme that will promote retention of best staff, instead of having standardized rigid wage system and ‘cradle to grave’ social welfare system.

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