The Four Kinds of Attachments Essay

The Four Kinds of Attachments Essay

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Ever wondered, why instinctively you knew that being very close to your parents or caregivers was so vital to your survival? Why did you feel like you were dying when you were not near them and when they would walk away from you just being in reach distance, you felt like you were lacking oxygen? There is a scientific explanation for all of this, it is called something that we all heard of before but do not know the psychological aspect of it. It is called attachment. There are four kinds of attachments. There is Insecure-avoidant attachment, secure attachment, insecure-resistance/ambivalent and disorganized attachment. Each of these individual forms of attachment starts developing from as early as birth and will last till you are elder. Some negative circumstances may have an affect in the child’s attachment patterns.
First lets define the definition of attachment, other words for attachment is closeness, fondness or devotion to. According to the book Invitation to the Life Span, in the life span developmental psychological field the definition to attachment scientists like to define it as “an affectional tie that infants form with the care givers that endures over time.” In other more simpler terms while growing stages you notice that your parents take care of you when you need some type of caretaking done for you; for instance, being fed, bathing, change of a diaper when you soil them and in most cases play with you and make you laugh. At this point as you are developing you take notice that this individual that is taking care of you is vital to your survival and he or she is helping you by doing so.
When it comes to the secure pattern of attachments (Type B). The children who are very attached to their parents tend to get ve...

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... him or her right is the responsibility of the parent. Many mothers accidently bring children to this world and do not know how to take of the children the correct way and are not mature enough to cater to their child’s needs. This is one of the biggest issues in many parts of the world. The misconceptions of raising a child that many mother have is feeding the child microwavable food and sitting them in front of a television and expect them to reach their full potential by doing so. Parents need to understand that babies are not born astronauts, they are not born doctors, and they are not born leaders. Babies are born not knowing a thing about what life is about. It is the parents’ job to make sure the baby is/are taken well care of and are helped to develop as sharp as possible, but this is not all being dumped on women, men too are to be there for their children.

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