The First Crusade Research Paper

The First Crusade Research Paper

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The First Crusade Research Paper.
The first crusade was held only in order to fulfill desire of the Christians of the recapturing the center of the Christian faith-Jerusalem, which has been controlled by the Muslim nation for more than 400 years. This military campaign was followed with severe cruelty and harsh actions against Muslims which cannot be justified with anything but religious and material interest.
On the 18 of May 1906 the army of the crusaders under the rule of the Emicho of Flonheim reached the walls of Mainz and demanded to open the city’s gates. After three days of invasions the archiepiscop of the city opened the gates and the knights entered the city, and started to attack Jewish district. In several days the whole Jewish diaspora of the city Mainz was buried in this bloody slaughter - Mainz had the biggest Jewish district in Europe with the population of more than 1000 people (counting the fact that hardly every other city of Medieval Europe had a population of more than 5000 citizens). All the symbols of the Jewish faith were destroyed, the synagogue in which were held yearly meetings of the heads of the jewish faith was set up in flames. The same fate crushed upon cities like Ruan, Reims, Trier, Prague, Metz and others. Crusades started with military campaigns and massive robberies, which were not the major purpose. Eventually, robberies were daily basis for the knights , and Jews were killed for the ridiculous reason like "Their grandparents crucified Jesus". The Emicho of Flonheim himself before starting his military campaign to Jerusalem roberred several churches. Other leaders of the First Crusade like Godfrey of Bouillon and Duke of Lower Lorraine were regularly devastating monasteries in their own la...

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... rest were took in a slavery. Crusaders were killing everyone they could see, it didn't matter if a person was Muslim, Jewish or Christian. All the squares of the city of Antioch were full of dead bodies.
Jerusalem was the main and last goal for the crusaders, the city was protected only by an army of a thousand soldiers, so the city fell raver quickly. On the 7th of July 1099 the knights reached the city, but on the 15th they already captured it. The whole Jewish diaspora was killed as well, they all gathered in the big synagogue, where crusaders burned them with the church itself. Nearly 10 thousand Muslims were killed in the Dome of Rock. The murders were sometimes stopped with prayers, than the crusaders continued their "holy" slaughter.
The First Crusade ended with the same thing it started, and the same thing it was originally-with massacre and slaughter.

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