The Fight to Help the Snow Leopard Essay example

The Fight to Help the Snow Leopard Essay example

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An endangered species is “any species… that is at risk of extinction because of the sudden rapid decrease in its population or loss of its habitat” (Dublin, par. 1). An animal that falls under this category is the “Panthera Uncia” (Dublin, par. 1) –more commonly known as the snow leopard. This animal is seen as a threat to many people in Central Asia –the natural habitat of the leopard. However, the conclusion is inaccurate. The snow leopard is a rare creature that is hardly seen by humans. This animal is insulated by thick fur and has tremendous paws that act like snow shoes. Snow leopards have powerful legs that allow them to jump up to at least fifty feet. Along with their unique body style, they have a long tail that helps keep their balance and can shield them from the cool mountain air (National Geographic, par. 1). This innocent animal is being destroyed by humanity. Humans are invading its home. Therefore, it needs help before it is too late. The snow leopard is a vital link in its natural habitat of Central Asia; immediate action must be taken by the world to prevent its extinction.
The history of the snow leopard begins in1972, when it was first listed as an endangered species. There are several contributing factors to the endangerment of this beautiful mammal. These would include the destruction of their habitat and increased poaching. Although people have tried to resolve this problem, more needs to be done to save the snow leopard.

The environment and habitat of the snow leopard is being ruined; consequently, resulting in their endangerment. The territory of the snow leopard is vanishing without anyone noticing. An example of this is “in Ladakh, where tourism and rapid development have taken thei...

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