Essay on The FCRs of Johnson Space Center

Essay on The FCRs of Johnson Space Center

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When asked who was the first man to walk on the Moon most will not have a problem replying “Neil Armstrong.” He has become a household name not only in our Nation but across our entire planet. Many people are familiar with Armstrong’s accomplishments however most are unaware of the efforts invested into these missions by people here on the ground. This paper will focus on ground Flight Control Rooms (FCRs, pronounced "fickers") that contained the talented people who helped usher some of the most important spaceflight events in our current history. First, there will be a brief overview of the Missions Control Center (MCC) history. Next, a section will cover the description of each of the Flight Control Rooms (FCRs). Lastly a thorough assessment of each of the FCRs will explain how each room was and is used as well as for what purpose. This paper will serve as a testament of the history and achievement which had and is continuing to take place during each human spaceflight.
Mission Control Center (MCC)

The Mission Control Center has been a vital organ for all human spaceflight since the mid 1960’s. It is Christopher Columbus Kraft’s vision that ultimately has developed what we refer to today as Mission Control. He envisioned utilizing a room which would contain a talented caliber of people who would be responsible for troubleshooting problems and supporting general flight activities. Ultimately each of these people would work under the guidance of a Flight Director who was essentially responsible for the entire mission. Today we know MCC to be a “"world class" spacecraft command and control facility which is able to support multiple spaceflight programs while reducing long term operations and maintenance cost.” It prov...

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