The effectiveness of the Non Native Speaking Teacher Essay

The effectiveness of the Non Native Speaking Teacher Essay

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With the number of English users around the word reaching a probable 2 billion (Crystal 2003), it can be confidently stated that the English language has achieved the status of the world’s lingua franca (Wardhaugh, 2006). The increase in the use of the language has led to an increase in the demand for English language courses (Nunan 2003). Therefore, this has also led to an increase in the demand for English language teachers. These teachers can be both Native Speaking Teachers (NST) and Non-Native Speaking Teachers (NNST). This essay will set out to evaluate the effectiveness of the NNST on learner acquisition of the target language. In this essay, the NNST will be used to refer to someone for whom English is not their language first language, but is a second or foreign language. Also, the target language referred to in this essay, is the English language. Another important point is that it will be necessary to support the arguments by comparing the NNST and NST. This essay will suggest that the NNST is as good as the NST when teaching the ESL class is monolingual
Model (Learner vs. Language)
Many people think that NSTs are the best model since they speak the language naturally (Sahin 2005). According to Rampton (1996), NSTs who do not possess teaching qualifications are more likely to be hired than NNST who are both as qualified and experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Even students may generally look for NSTs because of their natural fluency. However, it might be argued that speaking a language and teaching a language are two separate issues. Medgyes (1999) draws a distinction between language model and learner model. He argues that NST are better language models, as learners may want to ...

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