The Drosophilia Hydei Essay

The Drosophilia Hydei Essay

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Drosophila hydei, commonly known as the fruit fly, is about 3mm long and typically found near unripe or rotted and fermenting fruit. Its body is segmented into 3 different sections and covered in an exoskeleton. It has six legs, two small antennae, one pair of wings (which extend slightly over its rear), and large, red compound eyes. The complex, compound eyes permit D.hydei to see in many directions, allowing it to sense food or potential dangers (Miller 2000). Its eyes are sensitive to light intensity, therefore when shadows approach, signaling danger, the fly will flee or take flight (Demerec 1950; Miller 2000). Its body is a gray-brown color and shaped like an oblong oval, being larger in the front and narrowing toward the back. Tiny hairs cover the entire body, which allow the fly to sense movements in the air. These hairs alert them of disturbances such as approaching predators (Demerec 1950; Miller 2000). The pupae from which the Drosophila hydei hatch are orange-brown in color and are slightly larger than the adult fly. Males and females are differentiated by the stripes on the back of the males, as well as size. Males have broader stripes and tend to be smaller, whereas the stripes on a female are narrower and they will be larger in size (Miller 2000). In order to thrive, a food source of yeast and sugar must be present, as is the case with fermenting fruit. The mouth of D. hydei is specifically shaped in order to take up liquid food sources (Miller 2000).
The range of Drosophila hydei is broad and it exists in many different habitats, ranging from temperate to wet forests (Bateman 1972). Since very cold temperatures are found to have negative effects on insect survival, Drosophila hydei is not found near th...

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...fested by wasp parasites and other harmful microorganisms. Ants also pose a threat to the D. hydei, often carrying away the larvae, destroying their ability to survive (Bateman 1972). The predatorial relationship between ants and D. hydei larvae has a negative effect upon the fly, as they are being used as a food source, whereas the ant benefits, as it is getting a food source. Since Drosophila hydei is prey for so many species, its removal would be detrimental to the many species that prey upon it.
Overall, Drosophila hydei is a unique species, capable of residing in a large range of habitats, temperature and light conditions. Much research has been done to determine the affect of abiotic factors upon these organisms. Differences in temperature and light in particular are shown to affect the behavior, growth and reproduction of the species.

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