Essay on The Divorce Rate and Women in the Workplace

Essay on The Divorce Rate and Women in the Workplace

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The Divorce Rate and Women in the Workplace

Most ancient societies needed a source environment for the upholding of the
species and a system of rules to handle the granting of property rights. The institution of marriage handled both of these needs.
Some varieties of marriage are Polygamy- one man, several wives or one woman,
several husbands. Polygyny- one man, several wives. Polyandry- one woman, several
husbands. Endogamy- requirement to marry someone who belongs to his or her own
group. Exogamy-People have to marry someone from another area. We are most
familiar with the Common-law marriage-Monogamy- one man and one wife.
Regardless of the type of marriage whether it be Polygamous or Monogamous all
are dependent on a common bond. If that bond breaks the end result is Divorce.

Divorce has been developing and growing in what is today the United States for
over three hundred and fifty years. Today it is a customary or traditional way to resolve
marital incompatibility. This is not to suggest that all Americans accept divorce. Many
opposed divorce in the past, and many continue to oppose it today.
The Pro-divorce group had several powerful allies; factors that pushed the divorce
rate upward and forced many Americans to accept the presence of divorce.

Causes for Divorce
Sociologists and Historians have long maintained that these factors included
industrialization, urbanization, increasing mobility of Americans, broad-minded attitudes
in the American West, men’s and women’s entry into the paid labor force, women’s
changing roles, and the gradual broadening of divorce laws and judicial decisions
regarding divorce. Recently, several historians enlarged the list by demonstrating that the ...

... middle of paper ...

...idering current trends in divorce rates and the increase in married women’s
employment are likely to continue, and understanding of their linkage may facilitate any
further negative consequences and propel future adaptation and understanding between
the sexes.

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